Contract & Pen

Contract Drafting & Review

Unless a business transaction is very simple, it is essential to consult an experienced commercial lawyer who understands your business. At LK BALTICA we make sure that the contract is reviewed by an experienced commercial lawyer who has serious expertise and skill in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements.

It is true that standard contract templates may be found cheaply online. But considerable care should be taken when using these without proper legal advice. A contract should be drafted to ‘fit’ each deal correctly. It is important to ensure that everything which needs to be in the contract has been expressly and clearly included and that there are no ambiguous terms or wording which could be misconstrued. The consequences of making a deal without first having the contract reviewed by an experienced lawyer could result in an expensive lawsuit and damage to your business.

In addition to understanding what a contract actually says, it is also of vital importance to spot when a contract does not include something which should be there. No assumptions should be made when drafting or reviewing a contract.

Kyriacos Kyriacou is a skilled contract draftsman and negotiator. During his many years of experience, Kyriacos has developed a user-friendly approach to drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts and securing his clients’ best interests throughout the entire contract process.

Whether we are drafting the contract or reviewing a contract drafted by the other side (or their lawyers), our experience, knowledge and skill in dealing with commercial agreements will give you confidence and peace of mind.